Support challenge for Vida y Luz scholarship success

We are very thankful for the scholarships we are able to give students to continue attending Vida y Luz even during this time of quarantine.  Vida y Luz is completely on line and the children can continue to get a Christ centered Christian education from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. We have 3 students again this year that we have raised funds for their education Ayelet (6th grade), Valerio (3rd) and Wilson (1st).


We praise God that we have been able to raise funds for Ayelet (6th grade). A church in Jackson Michigan has committed to give towards her scholarship. All the money has not yet been collected but they are hosting fund raisers to raise that support.

We are also grateful for an anonymous donor who was willing to match any donation up to $1200 for the boys scholarship. A church in Saginaw Michigan has committed to give towards Valerio and the anonymous donor then matched the gift 100%. Praise God with us! Especially in moments of crisis with COVID, the church continues to shine it’s light in the form of generosity. Thank you so much for partnering with us for the kingdom.

Students in this program are expected to earn a B average grade, show good behavior and their parents volunteer throughout the school year.   Each family pays  a monthly amount depending on their financial situation. These students not only get a good education but are introduced to Christ as well. Recently Valerio and Wilson wanted to confess their faith in Christ. Amazing to see the Lord calling these young kids to himself through the school. If the Lord leads, please give towards this life changing ministry.  Account # 150899 Vida y  Luz STUDENTS HELP

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