Basketball and Soccer Court at Vida y Luz

It has been a long time coming but finally Vida y Luz has a basketball and soccer court on the school campus.  For years, the kids have been playing in the dirt soccer and they had no exposure to basketball.  But the school raised the money with several fund raisers over the years and with a final generous gift, the school was able to finish building the cement court. The project started in January and just recently in October we were able to finish by putting up the new basketball hoops.

It is interesting how these hoops were made. We couldn’t just go to a home improvement store or buy them from a supermarket of some kind. They had to be built by hand by a metal specialist. Then after the man built them we shipped them to the school on back of this old truck.

But the kids have loved the new hoops and it has been a real blessing. When the truck arrived at the school the kids were jumping up and down like it was Christmas cheering.  While the Chicago team was in Sucre, I was able to try it out myself. If you didn’t know, I’m a big basketball fan and enjoy playing. I hadn’t played 4-on-4 since I was last on furlough in the States. So I was able to play a bit with the brothers from Chicago which really blessed my heart.

The hoops have wheels on them so that we can be moved and the soccer nets can be set up. We haven’t been able to complete two things. One the court needs to be painted and two we haven’t been able to paint and clean the soccer nets. These are the last two details but the court is in use every school day. The the kids love it. They have enjoyed being able to play and there are hopes of having a basketball team one day. For now, it’s amazing to see this dream come to fruition and see kids coming together and playing on the court.   We know this court will be used for the Kingdom and we are blessed to have been a part of the process of bringing this to Vida y Luz.


Chicago Team 2018: Project School Garden

Last week, we were blessed with a mission team from Hebron Em in Chicago IL.  We love hosting this  team which is coming for it’s 4th straight year.  Each year the team has changed and grown. We were blessed to have 7 brothers come down this year (no women sadly this year). The purpose was to get to see our active ministry here in Sucre Bolivia with the church plant Vida Abundante and the school in secession at Vida y Luz Christian School. The added bonus this year was the team was going to work on a project to build the school its first school garden.

For 2 and a half days, the team worked hand-n-hand with students, teachers, Laura and I to get this school garden  going.  Working the ground in the Andes Mountains can be a real challenge as the team found out. The ground can be very rocky, dry and hard in parts.  But the team pressed through the put up half of the fencing, dig the foundation for the green house and to build new raised beds for plantings.

The new garden is going to be dedicated to helping teach kids practically the value of farming and how to be able to sustain themselves from the land. But that is not all. We have high hopes for this new garden to become a place where the students can also do hands on science experiments and understand the value of farming.

Once the garden and green house are finished, the students will be able to grow and plant plants and measure their growth.  It will be an excellent place to really study the beauty of God’s creation and how He has created plants and vegetation.  On Thursday, the elementary school already planted potatoes and corn.  Its a very exciting time!  We will keep you updated on the progress of the garden and its growth. This is just the beginning. Praise God!

Laura in this picture is directing students on what to do next in the garden.

 A group of elementary school kids on Thursday are working together to use our very own compost to add to the new raised beds to prepare them for planting.


Just using one layer bricks we elevated the ground for the kids to be able to better access the plants and study them. Chicago team here building the beds.

Inserting the fence polls into the ground to keep out other unwanted animals who might damage the crops.

Putting on the fencing on the posts.

Group of High Schoolers working on the foundation of the green house.

A teacher at the school hard at work as well on the project.

Digging in preparation to plant some fruit trees

Vida y Luz Elementary School Camp 2018

September 28-29, 2018  Vida y Luz had a two day, one night camp for elementary school kids from grades 6th – 3rd. We held the camp on the school grounds where the kids slept in the classrooms and enjoyed the beautiful mountains surrounding the school. Laura and I, of course, were in the midst of planning and organizing the camp. We had about 20 kids participate.

We had different games and actives for the kids. The game above is to hit the ball with an orange dropped into a nylon put on the players head. Everyone gets lots of laughs out of this game which is very fun. Above, Gabriel is in purple trying to hit the ball.

We had a large camp fire with marshmallows. The professor Alejandro brought his guitar and we sang worship songs around the camp fire. The theme of the camp was “Resolving Conflicts in a God Glorying Way.”  During the day, the students had time to hear from Laura and different teachers on how to deal with conflict. What the dangers of unresolved conflict looked like. And they were encouraged to seek out reconciliation like 2 Cor 5:18b-19 says.

We praise God that students not only had a fun time but were edified and had the opportunity to hear the gospel preached to them clearly.  In the following weeks, please pray for those kids who are interested in accepting Christ as their savior. Pray for the follow-up.

Important update from the Adams family in Sucre Bolivia


As many of you are aware, in order to continue the work on the mission field, we need the support of the body of Christ just like Paul did during the early church.  Unfortunately, this year we have lost monthly support that has put our support account in the red. Because our account is in the negative our ministry funds have been cut and our salary will be cut starting this month.  After consulting with our team leader and Pioneers, we have decided to come back to the U.S. on furlough a month earlier than expected in an attempt to raise more support to be able to continue sharing the gospel in Bolivia.  

We need more one time gifts to be able to get out of the red and we also need more monthly pledges.  We currently don’t have enough money to be able to buy our tickets in order to return home.  Please prayerfully consider making a pledge, a one time gift or sharing this information with your local church if they are not supporting the ministry in Sucre yet.  We know many of you are already faithfully supporting the ministry and we are ever so  grateful.  Please hold us in your prayers during this time.  

Blessings!    Pastor Glenn, Laura, Gabriel and Nico


Here is the break down of our financial situation:
Current Account: -$3,053
Monthly Pledge: – $1834
Return Account: $2,571. (We need about $6000)
To Give Pioneers online @
Mail: Pioneers 10123 William Carey Dr. Orlando, FL 32832.
Account: # 111826

Supporting Children from Vida y Luz and making a difference

Over the years, we have had the privilege of getting know know different students who have attended Vida y Luz Christian school and their families. The school has been such a blessing on their lives and yet the sad reality is that many in Bolivia struggle to be able to pay for a Christian education. Many students have come asking for discounts or free tuition and we simply can’t accommodate every request because of the lack of funding.

For as little as $4  a day, these kids will be able to have a warm meal and learn how to read and write in a Christian environment. They will also be exposed to the gospel and a Christian world view. We have a bilingual program for elementary where they can learn to read, write, speak and listen to English.

This year, we are raising funds for 3 different students who have a desire to learn and study at Vida y Luz but have also  shown initiative.  Like before, these kids must pay a minimum amount, usually about 100 bs = $15 US monthly and provide their own school resources (for example paper and pencils). They also volunteer a few times each quarter for the school at clean up activities and service projects that school puts on. We believe that it is an important part of the process to be attentive in their children’s education.  These families might not be able to pay for their full tuition but they can contribute in valuable ways and makes them feel apart of the community.

If you are interested, we can send more info. Aid goes to project Account # 150899  VIDA Y LUZ STUDENTS HELP.    Emails us @ for more info.

Rebels for Christ 2018

What started 2 years ago as a small group of teens who wanted to get to know Jesus more has turned into a full ministry/outreach to teens in Sucre.  The idea was simply to get together on Thursdays during lunch for 10-15 minutes of prayer.  Some kids at the school Vida y Luz wanted more…and thus Thursdays gave them a time to hear the word and we lift up prayers during lunch at school.  Soon, the teens wanted even more and to get together outside of school time. In response last year we started doing some events in which the kids could get together for some healthy, God-centered fun and study the word more together.  The kids loved it so much we made out own t-shirts.

The idea of a Rebel for Christ is that the mainstream culture is anti-Christian. And so the definition in our world today of a rebel is not someone who is getting drunk, doing drugs,  being sexual immoral, or being sinful because everyone is doing that today.  “Living in sin” today is conforming to the standards of this world. Therefore, if we want to be rebellious, we will want to live for Christ.  Rebelling against the current of this world is going to church, studying the Bible, praying, and serving the Lord with a passion for holiness.

Last year, we focused a lot on what it means to live as a rebel in this world. This year we are focusing on the transformation that takes place when we are in Christ. Romans 12:2 is our theme verse for 2018.

It has been encouraging to see the students making the effort to get together and have events.  We coordinate the events on Friday nights and Thursdays at lunch time, but more and more leaders are raising up within the group to ministry to one another.

So far this year, we have had two major events with attendance of 14-16 teenagers. Not all of them are from Vida y Luz.  Some have come from our church and friends of others who they have invited. Most of them are not Christians, but they have a desire to learn more about Jesus.  Honestly, it’s amazing what God can do because we tried a youth ministry about 4 years ago and had 1 student come. It’s wasn’t God’s timing. Now the ministry is thriving and we have to thank our Lord Jesus for opening hearts and minds.  Its is not in our ability to convict the heart  but God’s the only one who can bring the sinner to himself. We are just trying to be faithful and get the word about Jesus and extent the call to all who would have ears to hear.  We are thankful we are being used in the process. It feels great!


The teens love playing board games. Jose, a brother from the church plant, helps out. And Prof. Carla from the school Vida y Luz also has been helping to reach out to the teen girls.

Playing video games for most of these kids is a VERY BIG DEAL.  Most don’t have any money to afford any system modern or old school.  So we gave the kids the opportunity to enjoy that a little bit on Friday nights. The games are clean and God glorifying.  Mostly they enjoy playing soccer or racing cars.

For the first 15 minutes, there is a ice breaker. Afterwards, we have a message or devotional. For about 30-45 minutes the kids study the word together.  Then after that time, we eat and play games.

The Food Forest Experiment: Water

Now the image above doesn’t look like much, in fact it doesn’t even look like anything at all. But its the beginning  of a forest  a “food forest”.  Laura has an amazing God given passion to help people learn how to steward and take care of the soil in order to grow better and healthier crops. Sucre is an extremely dry and arid climate.  We live in the middle of the Andes mountain range and the soil is very rocky and difficult to work with. But as Laura has done her research and experimented at home in our limited soil, she is now ready to give this experiment on a larger scale a try.

A food forest or forest garden, according to the definition on google is” a type of garden plan that mimics forest growth patterns to ensure better yield, maximum light exposure, and simpler management while fostering greater biodiversity.”  We are just in the beginning stages of starting a food forest. As you can see from the pictures, the land is dry and rocky.  There is little water so we had to figure out how to get water up the mountain before we could start the project.

We found a special pump in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  The pump is able to bring water up from the river down below so it can be used by the school and the local people who live on top of the mountain. Working the earth here is exhausting so we had to take turns and many days trying to figure out how to get the water up through pipes and different sized hoses.  But Praise God we finally figure it out.

In this photo, I’m pointing out the location down the mountain where we are pumping up the water. Now that we have the first step of attaining water, we can now proceed to the next step: Laying down organic materials to create a new layer of soil.  The next stage is simply laying down organic waste over the current soil and letting it decompose over the next few months in order to create better soil.  We were blessed by another missionary who has American red earth worms that will help us with the breaking down process. We will put everything from old wooden logs, tree branches,  hay,  leaves, or any kind of kitchen scraps.

Our prayer is that as we start this new project, others may be blessed by this knowledge and help teach people how to grow

better healthier crops for themselves. We will keep you updated on our progress.

  • These are the water pipes coming up from the river down below. We can’t leave the water pump connected for fear that someone might steal. We usually pump water up for the school Vida y Luz on Saturdays. Its has really helped the school as well. Its expensive to bring water in on trucks from the city.